New Elf Ears ! Wood Elf Small Ear Tips

Last night I attended the midnight showing of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, and it was a lot of fun! So what better day to release our new style of elf ears than today!

While we all discuss our new Hobbit costumes ( I am working on A Thorin costume and Sara and Laura are deciding who will be Tauriel), we all decided that we needed a new set of small ears.

So the good news is they are done and in production! The other news is, they aren;t as perfect as we like them to be. The shape is good, and they look good on their own, but we realized after they were finished that one side was a little larger than the other. This is not a big deal, but we wanted to be completely honest with anyone who wants to get them right away.

So what we are doing is putting them up as “prototype” elf ears! You can purchase them now, and in the future when the final ears are released, if you want, you can order a new set of them at 33% off.

Below are all the photos of the new “prototype” ears and a video or two of Paul wearing them.

You can purchase the new ears here: Aradani Wood Elf Cosplay ears


New ears in the works.

We don’t rest very long around this studio! We have recovered from the rush of Halloween, and Paul and I just returned from a painting retreat with Larry Elmore, so now it is time to make lots of new stuff!

This summer we brought out the new Dwarf Ears, and now I am working on a new set of Elf Ears. Here is a sneak preview photo:



We hope to have these done by December.


Wind Waker , Legend of Zelda Super Cake


In what might be one of the most detailed Zelda cakes of all time, Nerdache Cakes has created this wonderful Wind Waker themed cake for someones first birthday. Too bad the kid is too young to realize how cool their parents are. and that this will just end up as a giant smeared mess all over, rather than revered as it should be.

More photos after the break.

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Unboxing of an Aradani Order

So we ship a lot of orders. During Halloween, we ship A LOT of orders. And we just received this video today which shows user Threshold Assassin unpacking her order. We didn’t know she was going to video it, so it shows how we normally pack an order.

We take pride in our products and our eco friendly packing, glad to see it looks so good when received! Thanks Threshold!