Wind Waker , Legend of Zelda Super Cake


In what might be one of the most detailed Zelda cakes of all time, Nerdache Cakes has created this wonderful Wind Waker themed cake for someones first birthday. Too bad the kid is too young to realize how cool their parents are. and that this will just end up as a giant smeared mess all over, rather than revered as it should be.

More photos after the break.

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Legend of Zelda, if John hughes had directed it.

So I am quite fond of 80’s “coming of age” movies. Mostly because I was coming of age in the 80’s. I know, I’m getting on in my years (last night my little sister had to remind me that the concert I saw in 1993 was not 8 years ago, it was 18 years ago). Ouch.

Having this affliction for these sorts of movies (and pouty red heads thanks to said movies) I thought this was pretty clever.